EnergyX Portable

Introducing the world’s most advanced portable metering platform

EnergyX Portable is a cloud-connected portable meter and software platform that provides insight into both power quality and energy performance on any site.

With secure, built-in cellular connectivity and QR Code activation, you get live data and visualizations within minutes of connecting. Multiple meters are automatically integrated into a whole-site analysis rather than having to manually combine individual meter data files.

EnergyX Portable takes advantage of AZZO’s EnergyX IoT cloud platform to deliver insights and recommendations typically found only in enterprise energy and power management systems. EnergyX Portable gives customers access to a wide range of applications including high speed monitoring and analysis of harmonics, power factor, disturbances including direction detection, power quality standard compliance, in-rush currents, as well as energy bill verification and demand management planning.


EnergyX Portable delivers insights for customers to establish actions needed to achieve good return on investment. Where most portable meters are designed around hardware only, EnergyX Portable is a complete hardware and software platform designed around customer business needs. Some of the business-oriented capabilities of EnergyX Portable are:

  • Correlating power quality issues with load loss and asset damage, so you can monetize the impact of fixing issues.  Many portable meters can detect power quality issues but are unable to decisively correlate them with business impact during the event.

  • Indication of where a disturbance originates from so that you can identify who or what is responsible - whether a utility, a tenant, or an internal infrastructure.

  • Validate compliance with multiple PQ & energy efficiency standards (EN50160, IEEE 519, IEC 61000-4-30, SEMI F47 & CBEMA), so that you can identify non-compliances to distribution code requirements and assign responsibility and action plans for improvement.

  • Detect and visualize harmonics, sags/swells, voltage imbalances, over/under voltage conditions and other high speed event conditions on a continuous or conditional basis, so that you can identify the causes and maintain a safe operating environment.

  • Detect power factor and/or harmonic issues, so that the appropriate power quality equipment can be sized to reduce utility bill penalties and ensure asset life expectancy is realized.


Even the best analysis platforms are only as good as the raw data they have to work with.  With this in mind, we worked with an industry-leading partner to create EnergyX Portable. Our portable unit has these features:

  • Integrated secure cellular connectivity or onboard logging when cell is not available

  • 0.2S accuracy

  • Compliant to:

    • IEC61000-4-30 class S

    • IEC62586-2

    • EN50160 Compliance Monitoring

    • IEEE 519

    • IEE 1159

    • SEMI F47

  • Equipped with Rogowski Coils measure up to 4000A at 50-20,000 Hz, for a fast & reliable installation


For further information on EnergyX Portable, you can download the brochure here. Alternatively, contact us for more information, today.

Ready for your rental?

EnergyX Portable is available with flexible rental options in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. AZZO offers a variety of service models from turn-key installation and power quality analysis to simply supplying units and data access to your preferred electricians or consultants.

Simply complete the EnergyX Portable request form or contact us – one of the team will be in touch with you to discuss your needs in detail.

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