AZZO offers a variety of services to complement our solutions, both in a preliminary scoping capacity, as well as an ongoing support role.

We offer professional services in power quality and data collection, service and support contracts, advanced system upgrades, and our best in class software development for solving complex data and IoT challenges for customer systems. Bringing technology together means servicing our customer base and we offer a number of services in four broad categories.

Portable Metering & Power Quality Audits

Over the past 10 years, AZZO has invested in the continuous engineering of its temporary power quality audit capabilities.

This includes developing a custom built portable power quality analyzer, with Schneider Electric’s ION meter technology at its core and the power of EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert in the Cloud. With a fleet of these units of various sizes and capabilities, coupled with the power of real-time IoT connectivity, AZZO can provide temporary monitoring services with data analysis reporting by our PhD qualified engineers.

This will enable us to diagnose power quality or capacity concerns, size and design the appropriate PQ mitigation solution, and provide verification and validation of the solution post-install. We offer these services in a “try before you buy” model, which means if our audit reveals a solution that we offer, AZZO will credit the cost of the portable metering rental towards the quoted solution.

Service Contracts & Software Assurance

AZZO is not just a projects company – we believe in long term relationships and are committed to ensuring our customers get the most value out of the projects we deliver.

This means offering an appropriate level of service and support during DLP and post-handover phases based on user needs and the criticality of each system.

In both Standard and Advanced scopes, we offer flexible Service Level Agreements which provide a support contract model for all of our projects.. This ensures both software and hardware components are well maintained, along with continuous engineering improvements, routine maintenance, cyber security updates, end user training, feature augmentations, and consulting to ensure that the original value sold is being realized. All of this is underpinned by our remote system health monitoring applications, software assurance for version upgrades, and a Client Services bureau of application and systems engineers dedicated to supporting our client systems and users.

Advanced System Upgrades & Migrations

Many EMS and SCADA systems grow and change over the years and sometimes get to a point where they are too difficult to maintain, too large to easily upgrade or move and may contain parts which are complex and interconnected, all while needing to remain running during the process. Some systems simply need re-commissioning after years of neglect.

This is an area of specialty for our engineers where we will write up a custom upgrade or migration plan to ensure business continuity and  data loss is avoided at all costs whiles system integrity is completely maintained before, during, and after the changes take place.

We have successfully performed many 500GB+ database migrations with multiple sub-system merges, VLAN/IP reassignments, P2V migrations to Cloud, and complete user experience cross-grades to later editions of software. Where some customers have given up on their old systems and put these activities in the “too hard” basket, leaving the system to go stale, we can analyse ahistorical system and put together a plan to resurrect it and place it back into service, front and center of your business intelligence tools.

Custom Software Development & Augmentations

Software platforms have grown and developed over the years and many of them are feature rich and perform 90% of what a customer needs. However, unlocking the complete power of a system often lies in the last 10%.

This is where our software engineering group specializes in listening to the customers’ use cases and determining how to tailor the software with modifications or add-ons which bring the functionality required to the 100% mark that everyone desires.

We have a strong track record of completing the last mile for many projects with the agility and business intelligence of our software engineering team. We continue to develop and release add-ons which are common to many customers, but also provide bespoke developments for those customers with specific business needs. Whether it is a custom report or gadget, an API connector to a Cloud-based web-service, or a database relationship integration, our software group can bring these digital technologies together to form one composite solution.

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