Software Development

As one of our four pillars, software development is a core competency that sets our engineering solutions apart and enables us to deliver cutting edge innovation to our customers.

In a world that is increasingly moving towards API driven IoT connectivity, our software engineers enable us to provide that final integration or data visualisation step that is often required to maximize the value of a EMS, PCMS, or SCADA system. This is uncovered by enabling the interconnectivity of systems and the “data to information” visualization step, creating actionable information.

Our software development team gives AZZO the capability to bring new ideas and innovative augmentations and add-ons to market in an agile fashion.

As a Critical Power Master EcoXpert™ and with our strategic partnership with Schneider Electric, our software development team has developed many extensions to the EcoStruxure™ Power base platforms, as well as developing our own remote monitoring and data connector frameworks. AZZO has also been engaged by companies globally to develop bespoke solutions to hurdles encountered by projects which required that last customization to meet a specification requirement or connect those systems together.

Our remote system monitoring and data connector frameworks are designed to be extensible and are continuously evolving to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry. In coming years, we  look to increase our tasks for various BMS, SCADA, and IoT systems through supported APIs.

Development Team and Capabilities

The software team brings many years of development and testing experience and operates in-house alongside the engineering team to deliver accurate solutions of high quality enabling AZZO to bring innovative solutions to the market faster than most companies can. We specialise in:

Development Technologies: C#, .NET Framework, WPF, MVC, SSRS, Python

Database Development: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB

Web / Cloud Technologies: Javascript, Angular, REST APIs, MQTT

Agile development methodology

Business analysis for Power and Energy segments

Dedicated software dev/testing resources

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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

∙ Custom new reports and augmentations of existing reports

∙ Custom dashboard gadgets and visualizations

∙ Enhanced tree-style navigation system and remote file browser

∙ Advanced application engineering for complex data logging and reporting

∙ Advanced system upgrades, cross-grades, and cloud-migrations

∙ Third-Party API integrations to data logs and events

∙ Database compression and optimisation tools

∙ Complex KPI calculation routines with native alarming

∙ Remote system monitoring and diagnostics including alarms



• Large scale trend and alarm data extract into PME

• Remote system monitoring and diagnostics including alarms


• Solar inverter manufacturer portal API data and alarm integration

• Solar irradiance and weather API data

• CSV / XML / JSON / SQL / Email data source processing

• Power BI integration

• AWS data stream writer

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