Solar Monitoring Portal

AZZO’s Solar Monitoring Portal provides users with a cloud based, central monitoring platform that aggregates data from multiple systems and sources. 

This data aggregation provides users an enterprise wide view of the performance of multiple PV and PV/BESS systems in one central location. The platform integrates data from various inverter manufacturer sources, without the need to individually log in to each manufacturer’s web portals.  If you operate and manage fleets of solar generation and storage systems comprised of disparate manufacturer’s equipment, it is nearly impossible to view the performance of an entire system in one place. 


  • Asset Performance Tracking

  • Weather feed

  • Benchmarking against exposure

  • Cost offset/ savings

  • Carbon emission offset

  • Lifetime generation


  • Summary views by:

    • Region/ location

    • Inverter manufacturer

    • Installation partner

    • Customer portfolio

  • Alarm summary

  • Performance tracking

  • Normalized KPIs

  • Automated weather correction

  • Modeled vs. performance guarantee tracking

  • Integrated solar irradiance forecasting / monitoring

  • Financial liability

AZZO Solar Monitoring Portal provides user configurable tree folder navigation and remote configuration:

  • Simple organization navigation

  • Storage of O&M manuals

  • Live access to meter and circuit breakers (when systems are properly equipped)

  • Remote reconfiguration (when systems are properly equipped)

    • Private remote access to local inverter gateways and managers

    • Reconfiguration of inverter remotely via private WAN

    • Internet access provided to local inverters and gateways without the need for separate WiFi or customer site connection and IT infrastructure

The AZZO Solar Monitoring Portal provides system analysis such as:

  • Production vs. irradiance

  • Targets and export tracking

  • Outage analysis

  • Power quality benchmarks

  • Harmonics, waveform capture, alarms & controls (where systems are properly equipped)

  • Inverter performance

  • Multi-site comparison

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