What We Do

We bring together different technologies, and optimize them to create completely unique, end-to-end solutions that give businesses energy independence.

We give an organization control over its energy usage and power distribution system with tested, validated and documented solutions (TVDS) with verified repeatable results.

AZZO works with general and electrical contractors, EPCs, consultants, and other system integrator partners to reach its customers and serve various segments. We predominantly work in B2B collaboration, but also work directly with end users in some cases, primarily for Services and ongoing system operation & maintenance plans. 

With our offices based in the greater New York City area, our regional focus is on the US Northeast, spreading as far west as Milwaukee and south to Northern Virginia. While we are able to service most customers digitally from anywhere in the world, AZZO takes pride in its relationships with customers and we focus on those customers whom we can meet with regularly in person to establish strong working relationships.

Our focus on renewable energy and microgrids means these projects may be anywhere in the US and its territories, primarily driven by energy source availability and modelling. AZZO has established proven remote commissioning methodologies which allow us to provide templatized monitoring and control kits which are pre-commissioned for plug-n-play with cloud-connectivity, remote monitoring and control. These are installed by local electrical contractors under our remote supervision, with the verification and validation of an AZZO application engineer.

As a Schneider Electric Critical Power EcoXpert™, we have access to a network of other accredited partner companies across the US and the world to support this model. We frequently collaborate with these companies who share our values to provide a national reach in supporting our interstate customers.

As our logo suggests, these four pillar competencies are integrated, complementary and evident in all of our work. This enables AZZO to provide our customers with more complete solutions.  

Energy Management

Our innovative team is highly qualified to measure, analyse and report on energy performance by customizing proven software platforms to suit individual customer needs. These abilities allow us to deliver unique Energy Management solutions designed to substantially reduce our clients’ energy costs and environmental impact.

Electrical Engineering

We offer an extensive range of Electrical Engineering services through a highly qualified team of Engineers, including PhDs in Power Quality and Renewable Energy. The focus of this team is to help our clients with power quality studies, electrical infrastructure design, fault data analysis, and power distribution control methodologies.

Power Automation

With the wealth of experience we’ve gained from the automotive, manufacturing, and renewables industries, our engineers have the expertise to provide highly complex and reliable power automation solutions. These range from HV/MV SCADA and ADMS and Remote Switching, IEC61850 architecture, inter-trip systems, safe remote breaker operation, and Volt-Var control for controlling microgrid stability .

Software Development

We develop custom software solutions that reduce the need for and reliance on multiple proprietary systems. Our customers benefit from the efficiencies of centralized monitoring and unified reporting and visualization structures enabling control of converged technologies. With many companies’ reliance on disparate uncoordinated software platforms, our software engineers work with established APIs and system connectors to integrate third party systems together to work as a composite whole.

Our Clients